We commit our gifts to HOSPITALITY caring for those in our congregation and the greater community.

Fellowship Hour
After worship each week we gather in Cook Hall to enjoy treats and coffee and celebrate life together. Throughout the winter months this time of fellowship takes the form of a pot luck luncheon. In the summer months we celebrate fellowship outdoors and enjoy the beauty of creation.

Care Team
We are constantly reminded  that there is no higher calling than for us to love God and care for our families, friends and neighbors.  A care team has been established to enact this calling in our church and community.  We have an active prayer chain that we use to lift up one another’s joys and concerns via email. We also provide meals and other care for those in need throughout the year. Please think about how you can reach out to someone, and if you are so inclined, contact Sonya Hunt or Barb Reid to serve on the BRC Care Team. We need to care for each other as God cares for us.

Read the articles “Who Cares?!” and “Prayer and Wi-Fi” on our church blog, for more about our call to care.

Prayer Quilts

Some members of our fellowship– Sunday worshippers, Tuesday morning study group, Mary and Martha Book Group, and individual prayer warriors– have been interested in a more tangible expression of “We are praying for you”.  A group called Prayer Quilt Ministries—Prayers and Squares [www.prayerquilt.org] does just that.

Quilts are made and tied as people pray for those who are in special need of prayer.

Please consider ways you may want to be involved in this ministry of caring:

– Are you good at choosing colors and patterns?
– Can you hand sew a binding?
– Can you quilt?
– Can you sew the ties into the quilt?
– Can you donate fabric?
– Can you be the person who explains our program to a possible recipient and gets his/her permission?
– Can you pray?

All are needed and invited to be part of our Covered in Prayers Ministry.

Bernice can be reached at vns206@aol.com.

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