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Ash Wednesday Reflections

Ash Wednesday Reflections – Pastor Jeff Knol Preparation As a kid I loved camp fires. My family camped almost every summer, and one of my favorite parts of camping was having a camp fire. There was a process that my dad taught me…


Never Trust an Electric Monk

Never Trust an Electric Monk Trust is a big deal in life.  We have many relationships and we encounter many people and ideas, some trustworthy and some not.  We sometimes wonder who we should trust.  Without trust, we live in a state of…


Prayer and Wi-fi

by Bob Bradsell A friend recently likened prayer to a Wi-fi connection.   It’s quite an interesting way to describe it.   Think about the intimacy, not to mention the power of what happens when you pray.   You can do it from anywhere.   No wires…


Who Cares?!

By David Cochran There is so much that we see in the media that causes us to think, who cares?  However, who cares is at the heart of what we are challenged to do as Christians.  We are not just asked, but commanded,…

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