David Cochran

You’ve not doubt heard the British rock group Queen belting out their anthem, “I want it all and I want it now.” They’ve been singing it since 1989. I recently heard it tagged onto a TV commercial trying to get me to buy something special that it was telling me I needed. I couldn’t help but wonder what has gone awry with Christmas. On one hand we have the message of hope, peace, joy and love that is promoted by the Christian community (although I did receive the same message on a “holiday” card from Viking Cruise Lines). Juxtaposed to this message is the holiday hard sell, commencing with Black Friday, Grey Saturday, and Cyber Monday and continuing through Christmas and into the post-holiday sales in January.

I wonder where Christ is in all this. Does His message get through to us or, perhaps, more importantly, to those who want it all and want it now? I wonder what we can do to let our community know the real gift of Christmas that we should all want… the message that Christ came to Earth to save us from ourselves, to provide us with a deeper understanding of God, and help us learn what life on Earth could/should be.
This Advent season I’ve been trying to think less about the rock band and more about the will of Christ in my life. In the secular eye, this may seem Grinch-like, but in God’s eye, it’s more the way he wants it to be. Long after we’ve forgotten the gifts we thought we needed, God’s gift will keep on giving. That’s something to get excited about!

“Let every heart prepare him room.” This line from “Joy to the World” that we sing this Sunday sums up the meaning of Advent.