by Bob Bradsell

A friend recently likened prayer to a Wi-fi connection.   It’s quite an interesting way to describe it.   Think about the intimacy, not to mention the power of what happens when you pray.   You can do it from anywhere.   No wires are necessary.   And your own innermost thoughts are at their most powerful.

A while ago I wrote about my own experience as the subject of a prayer chain initiative.   It was a meaningful moment in my life when I realized the power of the combined energy of those prayers.   It may be hard to describe to some folks.   But to put it in the context of a wi-fi connection might make that task easier…like describing the strategic strength of neighbors engaging in a combined email blast to the mayor’s office.

Of course, the real power of prayer is found in a two-way engagement.   To complete the analogy, you’d want to encourage making your own email address accessible…so the mayor can “reply all”.